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Customers Seem to Hate Their ISPs

It seems is popular to hate your cable company. And if that same company is also your ISP and that hatred seems to go deeper. With that in mind it is likely you are not happy that Comcast is proposing to buy Time Warner Cable in a business arrangement that would combine the two largest cable providers in the United States. This is either a step toward unifying the Internet experience for all US customers and moving forward together, or a nightmare vision of just how broken the US infrastructure really is. There's probably other choices but these two are the ones that are top of mind that most people reading about this merger.

Anyone who watches the news realizes that Americans are divided on a great many issues and ideas. Hot topics like political ideology, abortion, religion, and possibly Videos on YouTube seem to polarize the nation so greatly that it would appear that violence is ready to erupt at any moment. This coupled with the pervasiveness of firearms makes things a little tense. It would seem that among these hot topics is a resentment against telecom giants, and perhaps they can play as a common enemy to bring our country and its various crazy citizens together. As per usual though this hatred may be a bit misplaced when directed at Comcast, Time Warner, or other ISPs. It is the politicians that have created this disaster that should receive the brunt of the anger.

America, the creator of the Internet, is actually way behind other developed nations when it comes to Internet access. Not only is it cheaper to buy Internet access in many other countries, that access is faster. A lot faster. Seriously it's really really fast by way of comparison.

Americans are spending thousands of dollars every year for Internet access, cable services such as TV, telephone services, and more. These services are often "bundle" by Comcast or Time Warner and various other little costs are hidden away in what appears to be savings. If you look at Comcast triple play which comes in at $121 per month you would get TV, phone, and Internet access at 5 Mb per second downstream. That's kind of terrible.

As anyone who took high school economics would know the fewer companies that offer a particular service the more likely that that service will come at a higher price point. Jon Norwood, Managing Partner at Web Exordium said, "If you say have two companies handling all cable access for an entire country, and they were not overlapping service areas, meaning they really didn't compete, then you might have some very strange pricing indeed. Pricing like we have now".

In closing do not hate your cable company, do not hate your phone provider, in fact don't hate anyone. But you can be very angry at the politicians that are allying this to happen. Fortunately in United States we have a system in place that will allow you to channel your dissatisfaction in order to affect change. If you don't like what the politicians are doing go get new ones.