Internet Provider Event Scheduling App For Businesses


Organizers from all over are falling in love with this app. For this reason we want to make it as easy as possible for anyone interested to find a price point they're comfortable with. Below we will list three options that should have exactly what you're Internet service events are calling out for. We do not currently have an à la carte option where you can pick and choose aspects of each package however in the near future we will be offering this. Until then find the package that fits your needs as closely as possible and be sure to communicate with us what changes would be necessary to make the package perfect. The app works across almost all broadband networks.

Event Management Lite - $99

This first tier mobile app offers an introduction to our technology as well as a price point most small businesses can be comfortable with. This package includes:

  • Individual mobile web app for attendees
  • full website integration
  • free installation
  • up to four separate events

Event Pro - $199

event Pro offers everything the previous package contains as well as:

  • event website
  • social network access
  • individual registration
  • agenda builder
  • sponsor directory

Event Unlimited - $399.00

Event Unlimited contains everything in the previous two packages plus:

  • unlimited events
  • unlimited number of attendees
  • customizable White label integration
  • audience reports
  • ticket support
  • SMS communication
  • attendee comments and communication

We also offer a free demo trial that will allow the creation of a single hypothetical event and will graphically display each aspect of the mobile apps abilities. This does not include integration of any kind with a website.

Our app is consistent withthe digital government strategy.